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Born in 1954 near Grenoble, I've always been drawing and painting since my childhood.

Thanks to Jean BUFFA, a dauphinois artist and neighbour of my parents, that i’ve already strengthened my vocation: he taught me a certain sense of rhythm in the line and composition.

After studying art at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs and the Fine Arts, I worked as an illustrator for children books as well as a specialist in advertising graphics.

Being tired of academicism, I wanted to paint more spontaneously, more authentic, giving free rein to my imagination. What I love above all: myself in a daily setting, unpretentious nature where humans and animals live in peace, harmony and mutual respect.

With my brushes, I try to focus more on side of "tenderness" next to "performance art". For the sake of authenticity, I do not look for the side too "smooth" or "straight-line motion" of the academic performance ... No initial sketch, no "masks" (meaning no "stencil"), no cheating. This is the brush that guides my hand for a spontaneous, rounded and gentle gesture.

The oil painting is my favorite medium: I appreciate the elegance, nobility and sensuality of this technique, although it is very restrictive in terms of drying time. After successful exhibition generally in the Rhône-Alpes,  my works since 2005, have been exhibited regularly in galleries, International Exhibition of  Naive Art in France and abroad (Spain, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Finland ...).

In November 2008 and 2012 my works had been exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris, as part of “Art en Capital Salon Comparaisons”.

I was also chosen to exhibit at the "Salon d'Automne" in Paris in 2021.



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